The Science Communication

We daily face situations that demand us to take decisions for which our poor scientific knowledge becomes an obstacle. What about if I prefer homeopathy rather than antibiotics? Is there any health risk from continuous exposure to Wi-Fi? How the next year economic projections can really affect me? are common questions that come up in our daily conversations.

Pseudo-science theories are currently growing as a giant snow ball in big part of communication media worldwide and people obviously has the right to consider them. Based on research produced by scientists at Universidad Autónoma de Chile, the Science Communication Center aims to get scientific work closer to people. We thus imposed our-selves the challenge of contributing to everyone getting a comprehensive understanding of the significance of different research fields and their impact on our society. We look forward to get people to understand that there are years of scientific work behind most of what surrounds us and decisions that impact our daily life.

By interacting with all the scientific research areas at Universidad Autónoma- including Biomedicine, Chemistry, Social Science and Humanism- the Center aims to strength bounds with the research groups across all the University campuses located in Santiago, Talca and Temuco city.