The power of food

During the Congress of Future held in Chile in January 2018, we had a conversation with Dr. Eve Crowley, FAO regional representative for Latin America and Caribbean as well as representative in Chile, about the importance of familiar agriculture and challenges for food availability in the next decades.

Nanotechnology to reduce pollution of fresh and marine water

For the team led by Dr. Catalina Ruiz, enhancing the sustainable use of water is possible thanks to work done at nanometric scales, and the role of a multidisciplinary group.

Searching for the farthest galaxies in the universe

For physical years, astronomers and amateurs have sought to reveal the mysteries of dark matter and the so-called primitive universe.

Genetic manipulation: “the Wild West frontier has just been open”

Back in January we have the pleasure to have a very nice talk with Prof. Dr. Jaime Carvajal, who loves Chile and travelled directly from Spain to give a workshop on the genetic manipulation technology CRISPR/Cas9 organized by Dr. Carlos Blondel at Universidad Autónoma de Chile.

We want to declare ageing a disease

Zoltan Istvan is currently a Libertarian candidate for Governor in California, also former 2016’s US presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party and he is known around the world as someone that advocates for Transhumanism, a public figure in science and technology.