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Current front at Casa Autónoma, Art and Culture
Isidora Sesnic

Report: Isidora Sesnic

11, April 2018

The Casa Autonoma, Art and Culture that is currently part of the Universidad Autónoma de Chile, has become a space for art exhibition at the main heart of the Providencia neighborhood.
Close to important avenues like Pedro de Valdivia and Eliodoro Yáñez, this house built in 1902 maintains intact its cultural and architecture stamp from those years.

The family Del Río Soto-Aguilar was the first to own this building, which was used as a rest place called  “Merry Village”. Then in 1966, the house was re-named as “Europa Village” and then, during the same year, it was distinguished as an Historic Conservation Property by the Housing and Urban Development Ministry.

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Principal Entrance.
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Showing a remarkable influence from the European style, the stained glass decoration of the windows is a highlight.
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Grand main stair that connect the two house floors.
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Details like this tears lamp make beautiful every corner at the house.
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This house, that used to be called “Merry village”, is currently an space for art exhibitions at Universidad Autónoma de Chile.
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En la actualidad, la otrora “Villa María”, funciona como sala de arte al amparo de la Universidad Autónoma de Chile

This city oasis that shows an evident European style stands out by its luminosity, wide salons, the refined use of noble woods in doors and windows as well as delicate terminations.

The “Europe Village” was owned by the Argentinian School Sagrado Corazón until 2009, when a meticulous rebuilding was commenced. From that time the house is called as Casa Autónoma, Art and Culture, which is a space that aims to spread and promote culture within the community.

Isidora Sesnic
Report: Isidora Sesnic
Photos Nadia Politis

11, April 2018


The Casa Autonoma, Art and Culture that is currently part of the Universidad Autónoma de Chile,