The concert "Skies of Chile" was presented with great success during the celebration of the Day of Astronomy 2018
Nadia Politis

Report: Nadia Politis

11, April 2018

The trombones, strings and all the musicians from the Youth Orchestra of Pudahuel were connected with inspiring images from the space and with astonished pedestrians at "Quinta Normal" subway station on March the 22nd, during the celebration of Astronomy Day 2018.


The concert was directed by Jorge-Luis Cornejo staged by the Youth Orchestra of Pudahuel.

The concert "Skies of Chile" was directed by the orchestra director Jorge-Luis Cornejo and is the result of a big organization by the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT). It also showed the enthusiasm of this institution to bring astronomy, science and music to all types of audiences. With cell phones, casting through social networks and spontaneous phone calls, visitors and circulating pedestrians commented on how lucky there were by participating in a cultural event that involved science.

The free and open concert for all audiences sought to inspire and motivate young people and students.
Luis Chavarría, director of the CONICYT Astronomy Program, gave science talks between some orchestra-breaks.
Cristina Dorador, PhD. in Natural Resources in Natural Sciences at University of Kiel, Germany spoke about the importance of the bacterial microbiology.
Sebastián Pérez, PhD. in Astrophysics at University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and astronomer at Universidad de Chile, gave details on the connection between music and astronomy as sciences.
Assistants and passengers of the Santiago Metro sought to record  the moment.

With the aim of strengthening ties between art and astronomy, the bacterial microbiologist Cristina Dorador and the astronomers Sebastián Pérez and Luis Chavarría gave divulgation talks between each interlude.

At this hour the low (subway) tariff starts” was played in the loudspeakers while some passengers were impacted by the artistic intervention. “Some did not believe us when we said that we were going to take an orchestra to a subway station”, the organizers said between each chord. And the promise was accomplished, a grateful audience and young excited musicians were the highlight that marked a night of stars and chords in the historic neighborhood of Quinta Normal.

Nadia Politis
Report: Nadia Politis

11, April 2018