Chile receives its first female-robot on stage

It has been named as the first play starring an android actress, and after his arrival in Chile "Sayonara" sold out all the functions performed between March 23 and 25 at the GAM (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center)

Discovering the space from another point of view

The invitation was to discover the universe with another perspective and in the middle of the commemoration of the "Day of Astronomy 2018" organized by CONICYT (National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research in Chile).

Helping bees to fight back Varroa destructor mites

This activity is part of the research work of Dr. Patricio Vásquez Quitral. Dr. Vásquez graduated as veterinarian and then as Doctor in Agricultural, Forestry and Livestock & Veterinary Science at Universidad de Chile.

A concert to inspire Cosmos

The trombones, strings and all the musicians of the Youth Orchestra of Pudahuel were connected with inspiring images of the space

Casa Autónoma, a space to promote Art and History

The Casa Autonoma, Art and Culture that is currently part of the Universidad Autónoma de Chile,

First microscope for automated live cell imagining in Chile

A last generation microscope for automated live cell imaging has just arrived in Chile, being the first one in the country.