NatGeo highlights the Atacama Desert and its connection with Mars

The documentary series "In a million years" highlights the research of the Chilean astrobiologist Armando Azua-Bustos and the impact of his studies to identify a source of life on the red planet.

Gender Equity in Science and Technology

In the context of the announcement of an alliance between UNESCO and the Congress of Future that will contribute to push gender equity in science and technology, a discussion panel took place at the end of the Congress in Santiago last January.

Call for publishing: How to improve education and cultural identity through literature?

Académicos, investigadores y estudiantes de todo el país podrán enviar sus propuestas hasta el 30 de abril. Los trabajos seleccionados serán publicados en el libro “Literatura y educación: Construyendo identidades”.

Video game invites to healthy habits and exercising

In "Fitness Adventure" the player has to escape from giant pizzas and glasses of furious ice cream. The video game is free and online for any mobile device or computer.