Search for life beyond our planet from the atacama desert to mars and ocean worlds

If there is life beyond our planet is one key unresolved questions. A search for life in ocean worlds in the solar system, moons Europa and Enceladus

From Cuba to Chile to link Nuclear Physics and Astrochemistry

My name is Otoniel Denis-Alpizar and I'm Cuban. I get into Univeridad Autónoma de Chile in March 2017, now I won a FONDECYT Initiation Project No. 11160005, (2016-2019) and with that project I joined to Nuclear Astrochemistry and Astrophysics Research Group (NAQAF) inside University

Palo Negro: Mapuche bush seeks to fight fungus in Chilean plantations

Chile is heavily reliant on its agriculture, thus prevention of plagues and infections is matter of priority in research and development.

New questions for cell biology

Pablo Astudillo, PhD in Biological Sciences at the P. universidad católica de Chile, says that "the idea of training scientists is that they are capable of developing truly independent research lines

Physical activity to rescue the autonomy for elderly

In the prologue of the recently published book Necesidades Emergentes en Chile:

Western Honey Bee: Mapuche sacred tree seeks to fight the Varroa destructor mite

When we have a bee flying around we usually get scared because we are afraid from getting bitten.