About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are committed to an integral science communication, with a gender focus and beyond the big cities.

The members of the Science Communication Center are linked to the Office of the Vice President for Research and Postgraduate of the Autonomous University of Chile through the Research and Postgraduate Departments, the Innovation and Transfer Unit and the International Postgraduate School (ESIP).

At the same time, a collaborative work is carried out with the researchers of the Autonomous University in the cities of Santiago, Talca and Temuco, and the researchers associated with the international ESIP programs in six Spanish universities: Loyola University, Catholic of Murcia, Oviedo, Polytechnic of Warsaw, University of Barcelona and Almeria.

The direction of the Center for Communication of Sciences of the Autonomous University is composed by:

Dr. Ivan Suazo

Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate, Autonomous University of Chile

Dr. Iván Suazo

Doctor of Science from the Paulista School of Medicine, Federal University of Sao Paulo and Master in Neurosciences and Behavioral Biology from the Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spain. He has been a director, academic and researcher at various Chilean universities and a visiting professor at universities in Brazil and Portugal. He has more than a hundred publications in international journals and has lectured in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, France, Australia and China.

Dr. Juan Carlos Beamin

Scientific coordinator

Dr. Juan Carlos Beamín
Dra. Vania Figueroa

Coordinator of linkage of applied sciences

Dra. Vania Figueroa
Isidora Sesnic

Editorial Coordinator

Isidora Sesnic
María Paz Ilabaca

Scientific journalist

María Paz Ilabaca

Science Communication Center

Every day we face situations that require us to make decisions, but for which our scarce scientific knowledge plays against us. Questions like And if I prefer homeopathy instead of this antibiotic? Is there a risk of getting sick from continuous Wi-Fi exposure? How do economic growth projections affect me next year? are common in our daily conversations.

In a large percentage of the Media, pseudoscientific theories grow like snowballs, and the community rightly questions the truth of these. Based on the work carried out by researchers at the Autonomous University of Chile, the Science Communication Center seeks to bring scientific work closer to citizens, to help us understand the meaning of research and its impact on our society. Understand that there are years of scientific research in much of what surrounds us and after many decisions that affect our daily lives every day.

Interacting with all areas of scientific research at the Autonomous University - including Biomedicine, Chemistry, Social Sciences and Humanism - the Center aims to strengthen ties with research groups throughout all the University's campuses located in Santiago, Talca and Temuco.